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We Value your treasures

Our estate liquidators know the true value and history of your family's prized possessions and luxury items. We work in tandem with the antique industry's best appraisers and we will always do our best to help sell your collectibles for the fair market value of what they are worth.

Estate Sales


We at Frederick Estate Sales have extensive knowledge of art, collectables, antiquities, and much more. We have appraisers that can identify the most unique pieces.


We love what we do and our staff is constantly researching new industry trends so, we never slip or pass on any potential sale.


You can trust us with your most prizes possessions that we will take care of it like our own. As collectors we understand the sentimental value behind your treasures and respect our customers property.

Estate Sales

We value your trust and we will cater to your needs whether you are downsizing and want to consolidate your home, relocating or coping with the loss of a loved one.


We know the perfect venues, outlets and also the private buyers to consign your valuables to in order to see to it that you always receive fair market value.

Home Cleanout

We are the AV's go to sellers for meeting quick or abrupt deadlines. Our seasoned estate liquidators never pass up on anything or overlook any potential valuable. plus, furniture.

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