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Frederick Estate Sales provides services of the highest standard and we are always going above expectations for our customers.

We at Frederick Estate Sales will create a visually appealing shopping environment that will draw in our customers that are in attendance to want to purchase more items. This will also allow us to generate the most profit for your possessions.

We are honest with all of our fees and there are no hidden costs or any upfront investments. Fees are commission based and are very competitive within the industry and it will be deducted from the total gross sales made from the estate.

Want to Consign or Have a Large Collection You Want to Sell?

We can combine your collections within an upcoming Estate Sale in order to make your items available to a wider range of local LA customers.

What We Charge

We only make money when you do and we only charge a modest 35% commission for our time and expert estate liquidating services.

estate sales

Other Services


Whether you have fine art, rare books, or furniture. We have a list of collectors as well that purchase items frequently and also request certain collectables. In addition we can display your items at our estate sales as well until they are sold.

Donation Management

We can keep inventory of all your items so that you can use it as a tax deduction. We will provide truck and take it to the donation center of your choice.

The cost of this service is according to the volume of items you have to be donated.

Household Cleanout

We can have your home emptied and cleaned with they upmost care in less than 48 hours.

Personal Shopping

Frederick's lineage comes from Italy and has style to compliment any design home from modern to Classic Roman

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