Frederick Estate Sales

Who we are

Our staff personally understands the stress involved in many of the instances for estate sales and whether, you are dealing with a loved one's passing or organizing an abrupt life-changing move our team will be here to support you in every way we can. In addition, our services will help eliminate many of your worries especially, any financial ones.

Our team has the expertise and necessary knowledge to ensure your Estate Sale runs smoothly and successfully. In contracting us to provide our liquidating services, you will receive not only the owners’ expert knowledge, but a professional staff of photographers, marketers, appraisers and security. We accept cash, checks, and credit cards for the shoppers convenience and your maximum profit.

Originally a Pittsburgh native, our owner and chief media marketer David Rudnick grew up around antiques and history as well as taken part in history. A former political strategist, Rudnick credits his knowledge to his grandmothers and great grandmothers particularly, his Venetian grandmother and his Dutch great grandmother who had a home full of oddities and artifacts with some dating back to the late 1700's (when her family's side originally came to America). Rudnick was instilled with their astute knowledge of fine craftsmanship, culture and also, their love for fine European chocolates.

In addition, Rudnick has 5 years of industry leading experience working with a number of personal property liquidators in Los Angeles where he was contracted to go through new inventory and find collectibles the other experts passed on. He has a diverse background of knowledge but he is specialized in antique weaponry, rare books and fine art.